What is YouTube Advertising

In today’s world, social media is a popular and effective way to target potential customers and engage with them. Through Facebook ads, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter there are a lot of excellent ways to connect with people. One platform you may have overlooked but could yield a variety of benefits is through YouTube advertising.

If you aren’t using YouTube advertising, or some kind of video marketing, you missing out will soon be behind the times when it comes to marketing. Already thought leaders in the marketing field, such as Neil Patel, are already predicting video marketing is the way of the future and by 2020 will be the most common marketing tool.

When creating YouTube videos for advertising, remember to be direct and to the point. You have a 10 second window to capture your audience’s attention so don’t waste that time introducing yourself, instead jump right in and talk about how you can solve their problem. You can always give a quick 15 second elevator pitch about yourself at the end of the video.

The key to developing these videos is that you want to show yourself to be an expert in your field. You want to build your brand and develop your viewership to have gain trust and authority. This is especially important in the real estate world because you depend on referrals and growing trust with your clients. Showcase and highlight your skills as an expert, include some real testimonials and people are more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

Once you upload your YouTube video, remember to include relevant keywords to help your video rank higher on Google searches (putting the video on the first page), driving organic traffic to your site, and boosting your brand exposure. In addition to this, create an Adwords account to manage your video’s rankings and results.

Want to learn more about YouTube advertising? Check out this valuable infographic.