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In today’s world, social media and the various platforms available to keep in touch is important. Not only can you share snaps with friends on Snapchat and engage on Twitter, but share photos on Instagram. As more people turn to social platforms to interact with friends, friends, and even businesses, if you’re not using these social channels to engage with your clients—past, present, and future—you’re missing out on a lot of potential.

To help you use Instagram to help you build your business and stay connected with clients, here are 3 tips to start implementing today.

  1. Balance fun images with business pictures. Have some fun with your Instagram account and not make everything about business and vice versa. Include various homes you’re showing, add funny pictures, quotes, and explore the endless possibilities of what you can do to enjoy engage and interact with people.

But it’s not all a guessing game though, there are ways to track engagement and see which posts are more popular.

  1. Cultivate a following. When it comes to social media, and SEO, it takes time to organically build a following and connect with people. When you start out, this can be a daunting task, but keep at it. In the end, if done right, the process will be worth it.  To help you get started on Instagram, try these 3 tips:
  • Connect with your Facebook account
  • Use popular and relevant hashtags
  • Engage with your followers by liking and commenting photos
  1. Go in with a plan. To be successful with Instagram, and other social platforms, it’s important to go in with a strategy. As an agent, you are your brand and you need to know how you want to market your brand. When you decide what kind of content you want to share with your followers, remember to stay away from religion, politics, and any other controversial topics that may turn potential, and even current, clients away.

Ready to start building your Instagram followers? Social Media Examiner has provided a great list for other tips to help you grow your business via Instagram.

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