3 Apps to Help You Stay Focused at Work

How many times have you gotten distracted at work? Distractions are a part of life, but luckily with the advances in technology, we have some great apps to help you stay focused and block out the distractions.

Here are 3 apps worth checking out:

Todoist. If you are swamped, struggling to figure what is the most important, Todoist is the perfect app to help you organize your task list, collaborate with co-workers, and prioritize your tasks.

Calm. While you are getting your tasks done, you will still need to take a break from now and then. Calm is an app that gives you seven free, guided meditation sessions ranging from 2-20 minutes to help you relax.

Focus Booster. This app is great for encouraging short breaks between working periods. By taking breaks you increase your long-term productivity.

Do you have a favorite app to help you stay organized and focused?